Gold Lifetime Membership for American Top Team Connecticut Only

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We are happy to announce our newest package for students of American Top Team Connecticut/Kore BJJ Danbury (only), The Gold Lifetime Membership.

With a one time payment, you become a Lifetime Member. Not only you can train for years ahead, but you will also receive many other discounts and perks.

This is a perfect package for who is planning to train at least 2 years or more at American Top Team Connecticut. 

Here a quick guide to see if this plan makes sense for you:

Our All-Access membership costs US$ 165 (new price as of June 2020) per month. At this price, you can train BJJ, MMA, Striking, and Self-Defense. In 2 years you would have invested US$ 3,960 in your martial arts training and education. 

In our Gold Lifetime Membership, with a one-time payment of US$ 3,999, you will be able to train as long as you want at our school. 2, 3, 5, 10, years, or more. No other fees, no other charges. 

And More! You will also get:

  1. 10% off of any product sold at our school or at
  2. 10% off of any seminars hosted our school 
  3. 50% off of 2hr mentoring exclusive classes for Gold and Gold members every 3 months ($250 value per year)
  4. One private class per year at no cost ($120 value per year)

Your Guarantee

We understand the environment is uncertain for most businesses and you may be afraid to invest such a large sum so we have provided a special clause to give you additional security and peace of mind when making such a large investment.

When you complete this purchase, we can guarantee for at least the next 2 years we can honor this contract. If for any reason we cannot we will refund the remaining monthly fees (see the Term & Conditions below for unforeseen circumstances).***

PayPal Credit - Financing Options

We soon will start working with Affirm to allow our members to split the payment multiple times.  If you'd like to use the PayPal Credit 6 months with no interest, sign in for the service at

Term & Conditions

  • Valid only for memberships at American Top Team Connecticut / Kore BJJ Danbury, CT. 
  • This package is nontransferable and nonrefundable including in case the purchaser relocates to another area, develops any health issues including but not limited to injuries that could prevent the purchaser from training, or any other reason not mentioned in these Term & Conditions. 
  • *** Shall American Top Team Connecticut (business) close for any reason but natural disaster/event (a natural event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life and property), pandemic, or any forceful closure mandate by the government, the business will refund the equivalent of the months left during the grace period of 24 months from the purchase date
  • Shall the business change ownership during the grace period of 24 months from the purchase date of this package, this membership and terms will be listed in the sale contract guaranteeing to the purchaser of this membership that the new owner will honor this agreement. 
  • When you complete this purchase you are acknowledging and accepting these terms above.